What Can SEO Do for YOUR Business?

Business SEO Services

Business SEO Services

Businesses certainly do not have much budget for marketing, promotion, and advertising. Fortunately, there are affordable solutions where a business can reach more consumers, such as search engine optimization. Business SEO Services would be very helpful to businesses that operate primarily online.

Importance of SEO

Here are some facts to prove the importance of business SEO services:

  • Business SEO Services can help you reach billions of Internet users

The internet has proven a great tool to search for products and services much easier. Consumers know this and billions of consumers worldwide go to search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN for any product or service they need. The affordable business SEO services can help you be found by these consumers to get your website a place in the search results.

  • Getting a spot is not enough – SEO for a higher ranking

However, getting a spot in Google and Yahoo is not enough. This is due to the fact that 90% of users do not click the “next” tab and visit only the websites listed on the first page.

There are 10 websites that can be organically listed on the first page of the search engines especially Google. The term organic refers to websites that reach their ranking without paying for advertisements.

You will notice that apart from the 10 searched results; there are additional websites at the top and right side of the page. These are the ones who have paid to get on the first page of results through Pay per Click.

  • Appearing in just the first page is also not enough

While 90% of the Internet users do not go to the next pages of search results, a large part of the 10% not goes to the bottom of the first page. This means that the websites of the 5th to 10th place does not get as many clicks as the first four sites.

Statistics show that the website in the first place on the first spot of the search results page will get 42.1% of the clicks. The remaining nine sites get to share 57.9% with the last 6 websites getting less than 5% of clicks.

The third and fourth website get 6% to 8% of clicks. The difference is large and SEO services can help you to reach the top spot on the search results for keywords related to your business.

  • SEO vs. paid advertising on search engines

The paid ads are placed above the top 10 websites, so why not just use the Pay per Click service instead of paying for business SEO? Ironically, the paid ads get around 3% clicks. This is very close to the number of clicks a 9th or 10th website on the first page gets.

One of the reasons for this is that they are referred to as paid ads and consumers know this so that the SEO industry is better than paying the search engines.

Best SEO Strategy

At GOA-TECH, we offer professional SEO & Web Design services that can help your business rank organically and compete for first page rankings for high traffic keywords.

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