How Can Videos and Images Attract More Viewers?

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What catches your attention when once you’ve entered a website? Was it the design of the website? Was it because it was easy to read? Were the images what caught your eye?

Optimizing a website to catch the visitor’s attention is important. From making sure the photo doesn’t take too long to load to making the website interesting and readable. Every website is ranked by Google to ensure the person searching through the use of a keyword receives the best and most relevant results.

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Optimizing Videos, Images

There are different ways you can use SEO tools in different areas. One of the areas in which you can truly catch your visitor’s attention is the images and videos area. With the increased access to technology, people enjoy their free time watching short videos or funny pictures. For instance, memes are very popular nowadays. Memes are funny images that gain popularity over time as they spread throughout the internet. This type of image really catches a person’s attention. When you have a website, you want to place a photo on your website that will catch people’s attention while representing your brand at the same time. However, when placing an image on your website, you want to make that it’s highly optimized. For instance, when an image takes too long to load, people will get impatient and leave your website. When this occurs, your bounce rate increases which brings you down in Google ranking.

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Naming your image with a keyword instead of its generic name is important for image optimization. Optimizing your alt tags is also great to catch the attention of your visitors. Videos on your website will give your visitors another chance to get to know your business more. On the other side, when a visitor clicks on your website, a video will most likely catch their attention so it’s important to know the emotions you want to evoke.

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