5 Ways Powerlistings Can Get You More Business

Powerlistings for Small Business

5 Ways Powerlistings Can Get You More Business

Ever tried to find the website for a local restaurant or the phone number for a small company and felt frustrated by incomplete online listings? There have been many times where members of our team encountered this problem too.

There are dozens of social media and online listing sites to keep up with, far beyond Yelp or Yellow Pages. In today’s market, small business owners must contend with social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and many other places to manage and keep their business information current.

Each of these sites often has a different submission and review process, and managing all the passwords and login information is a time-consuming hassle.

Many business owners become frustrated having to manage dozens of online company profiles, but there is a time-saving solution!

Here at GOA-TECH, we use powerlistings to manage and streamline your online listings into one easy-to-manage profile. Here are a few ways that powerlistings can leave you more time to do what you love most — running your business.

1: A No-Hassle Streamlined Process

At GOA-TECH, we use powerlistings to create a single profile that goes out to hundreds of websites to keep your information current. Gone are the days where you need to create a separate profile for each site. With these optimized business listings, it’s one login, one password, and one profile that comes loaded with fantastic management tools.

2: Get Listed Fast

Many review and directory websites take weeks or months to get profiles approved. Others require you to pay a small fee to be listed publicly. With the powerlistings program, there are pre-arranged agreements with hundreds of websites that can get your information up in a fraction of that time.

This business listing program also saves you time if you need to make changes to your listings. Your company can change their address or phone number, opening or closing hours with ease. This extends to listing and altering events as updates happen instantly across all platforms.

3: Better Reach with Guaranteed Presence

While you may be aware of the big-name social media and directory websites, there are hundreds of other local directories where your business information may not be listed. Each of these places draws a unique audience that can bring new customers. With Powerlistings for small business, your business can instantly show up across all of these smaller platforms, as well.

Guaranteed presence also makes sure that all of your information is available. You can make sure that there won’t be a missing phone number or an incorrect address. Instead, people will always be easily able to find and contact you.

4: Stand Out with Enhanced Listings

Powerlistings can do more for your small business than keep your information accurate. They can also make sure that your listings are beautiful and exciting! You can add photos, promotions, events, and even new product announcements through powerlistings. These changes will go across all platforms, keeping people up-to-date on not only your information but on the unique things that make your small business special.

5: Keep Track of Your Online Reputation with Review Monitoring and Analytics

Once you have all of these profiles set up, someone has to manage them. Some companies choose to hire a person or assign an internal team to manage their social media. However, for many small businesses, utilizing optimized business listings remains the more efficient and cost-effective option.

Powerlistings for Small BusinessThrough Powerlistings for small business, owners receive full analytics for all of your online profiles and access to your reviews. From here, you can easily manage your reviews, filter them by keyword or location, and mail them to yourself. Full analytic access also shows which keywords or specials are driving the most traffic to your listings.

Powerlistings for Small Business | GOA-TECH

Powerlistings for small business can help your business succeed. With increased visibility, this can help your company appear amongst the top search results with search engines like Google and Bing. For local businesses, this can represent a boon to your conversion rates and profits.

Some of the tools we utilize are:

Ensure your business information appears comprehensive and correct online with powerlistings. After all, customers cannot reach you without a correct address and phone number available for their local searches.

If you think optimizing your business listings is right for your small business, reach out to GOA-TECH today!


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