5 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Social Media

Clean Up Your Social Media|Clean Up Your Social Media

In many cultures, spring cleaning represents a symbolic effort to officially sweep out the old as individuals welcoming in the New Year. Most Americans commit to some form of this in their very own homes. This could represent scrubbing the house down, or even cleaning out closets and getting rid of old clothes.

However, have you taken a look at your social media accounts lately? Your online, digital life can get cluttered the same as your living space. Our team from GOA-TECH wants to celebrate spring by providing some easy spring cleaning tips to clean up your social media accounts.

Turn Up Your Sleeves and Get Ready for Some Deep Cleaning

Spring represents the perfect time to cast aside old graphics, profile pictures, logos, etc. Additionally utilize this opportunity to update your profiles with the latest, correctly-sized images. Although this step seems very simple, taking this time to update and clean up your social media accounts can provide a substantial impact on your business’s lasting impression.

Additionally, don’t forget to look through any bios or profile descriptions. Is this information up to date and contains the right URL? Do they reference something occurred years ago?

Revisit Your Social Media Marketing Initiatives

As the year goes along, you may find yourself so busy that you neglect important goals and social media marketing strategies. Unfortunately, the remnants of this neglect may end up littering your social media accounts with half-finished projects and seemingly meaningless posts.

Make a list of these posts as you clean up your social media accounts and see how close your business remains towards completion. Do these posts and projects even still apply to your business? If you cannot achieve a project or your brand surpassed them, consider setting and implementing new ideas.

Determine if Some of Your Initiatives Might Look Better Elsewhere

You will likely discover in a social media marketing campaign that your efforts can get spread quite thin when balancing multiple social media channels. If you excel on some platforms but not others, ask yourself where you should focus your attention, or if it remains possible to replicate your success on other channels.

For most brands, not every platform is going to help you reach your targeted audience. Twitter may serve as a remarkable customer service tool, but Instagram could better serve your needs for consumer marketing.

“Good Artists Copy, But the Greatest Artists Steal”

Analyze what your competitors do in your industry. We don’t suggest that you steal everything they are working on. However, you can still learn from the successes of other entities in your field. Look to emulate these resources while cutting out old methods and avoiding their failures.

As you clean up your social media accounts, the GOA-TECH team recommends taking an audit of at least three main competitors. See what works for them that you can implement within your social media marketing strategies. The truly successful competitors may also act as a benchmark that you can measure your performance against.

Change Your Persona Online for Good

We touched on this a bit in our deep cleaning tip. Nevertheless, a crucial tip for successful cleaning is auditing the current status of your social media initiatives. What works well, and what doesn’t? What do you need to change?

You don’t need to commit to a massive, earth-shattering change. Do just enough to make some quick adjustments for initial, easy wins. You can learn an enormous amount from just a minor bit of data from your social media strategies.

Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts This Spring with GOA-TECH

If you can manage to complete all these tasks towards cleaning up your social media accounts, you will ensure that your social channels remain spring-fresh and ready to roll throughout 2019.

To learn more about the best methods to help you spring clean your social media platforms, contact GOA-TECH today. Refresh your strategies with the assistance of our comprehensive advertising, digital marketing, web design, and more.

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