3 Reasons Why You Should Choose An ADA Compliant Website Design

ADA Compliance

What’s the Deal With ADA Compliance?

ADA is short for the Americans with Disabilities Act. It became law in 1990 and prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in regards to their use of the Internet. In layman’s terms: those both visually and hearing-impaired individuals must be able to use your website.

This affects all businesses that consider themselves a “public accommodation”. Generally speaking, it refers to retail, B2C, or any company that the public should be able to see, hear, and use easily.

Here are three reasons why you should consider an ADA compliant website design:

Reason 1: ADA compliance laws require your website and mobile apps to be accessible to those with disabilities.

Lawsuits over ADA compliance laws are rising. While it became law in 1990, it has begun to be strictly enforced over the past few years targeting even the biggest of businesses including Win Dixie, Nike, Amazon, and more.

The Americans with Disabilities Act asks all businesses to provide their customers with access to the same services. This applies to those with visual and hearing disabilities. In a perfect world, everyone should be able to access the internet accordingly. Businesses that continue to run disregarding ADA laws face penalties and lawsuits.

Title III of the Americans with Disabilities acts fights for nondiscrimination for those with disabilities. If you ignore ADA compliance laws and do not offer equal access to your products and services on your website, it can be interpreted as discrimination.

Reason 2: Having an ADA Compliant website will boost your reputation.

While marketing and social media play a huge role in your website’s reputation, so do personal recommendations and word-of-mouth. Building a supportive business that cares about customers, including ones with disabilities, is a sure way to build a good reputation. Once you make strides towards making your website ADA compliant, the results will come.

Both former and new customers will be able to engage with your products and service better. This means they’ll most likely share with their peers. As a result, you can raise brand awareness and customer loyalty and can increase your sales and revenue. Lastly, an ADA Compliant website can be an advantage against competitors.

Reason 3: It’s easy to make your website ADA compliant.

After reading this blog, you may think that turning your website into one that is ADA compliant may be a hassle but fear not. Details like making sure your text meets a minimum contrast ratio against the background, making your website fully navigable by keyboard only, and making sure your site can handle text scaling up to 200% without causing content-breaking layout issues are easy to fix through us.

GOA-TECH also offers to make your website compatible with the visually impaired screen reader software making your site fully accessible to all.

We’re ready to help you make your website ADA compliant. Whether it’s just adding a few minor tweaks or heavy construction to the backend, GOA-TECH will be able to help. Get started on making your website up to date with ADA Compliance today.

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