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Plan Your 2021 Digital Marketing Strategy

Although the digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and evolving, 2020 has been notably different from any other year. Nonetheless, even in a normal year, industries gain new insights into consumer feedback and how policies can reshape digital media and online social networking platforms.  Continual development and updates to company marketing strategies remain a must.

However, for most small and medium-sized businesses, trying to keep up with the latest marketing trends can quickly become overwhelming. Well-established businesses can experience challenges navigating the ins and outs of streamlining marketing funnels and managing their digital marketing strategies.

For this reason, GOA-TECH has developed a handy checklist to help you direct your marketing tactics in the new year. This article takes things step-by-step, helping your company to develop a digital marketing approach that is efficient and effective. Hopefully, you can rely on content marketing and your marketing funnel to convert your newfound leads into sales.

  • Conduct Market Research

It can pay dividends to take a look at similar companies in your industry. These companies will likely either directly or indirectly provide the same products or services that your company presents. This analysis can offer you mountains of useful information.

Benchmark these competitor methods while identifying their perfect buyers. Recognizing these previously unknown or undeveloped niches can help you turn a potential marketing threat into a solid opportunity.

All companies experience barriers when entering specific markets. It remains a smart idea to consider how your company might approach these barriers. The most effective method is to turn a barrier into an inroad, formulating a weakness into a strength.

Establishing Your Brand

Once your marketing team determines the company’s perfect buyer, understanding their perspective makes it easier to present your company. Establishing your company brand is about more than just making logos and headers. Your brand will define how the business approaches and interacts with the world.

  • Keyword Research

Content marketing is about so much more than just creating content. A list of search engine keywords remains a must. The right combination of keywords that target specific demographics and market identities will increase page visibility, in addition to search engine ranking.

The trick to finding and utilizing the right keywords in content marketing, social media marketing, and website design often depends on how many other industry members use the same words.

The more companies that use “website design company near me” as their keyword in a marketing campaign, the lower the potential response rate for everyone utilizing the same keyword. Line up your target audience’s wants with keywords that strengthen your brand identity, as well as your overall marketing funnel.

  • Outline Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

A good amount of your digital marketing presence comes from your website design. Nevertheless, an increasingly vital component to digital marketing initiatives takes place through social media networks.

Your brand identity must flow from the home website before every social media outlet and external communique. This will provide your company with the appearance of a cohesive, singular voice, and tone.

Plan out how and when you want to use each one of these platforms. Unique and relevant content marketing will help search engines rank your site or company better than competitors, placing them in higher priority during keyword queries. But don’t simply stuff keywords into posts or share low-value content daily.

Share content once or twice a week on social media with original, authoritative content. When you post this way, this is often enough to drive search engine analytics in your company’s favor.

  •  Maintaining Your Company Website

Optimal website design depends on various factors that influence how your site will rank with search engines. For much of the past decade, keyword placement and content relevance where essential. However, although this remains critical to identifying your site and keyword searches, other factors now take precedence in most situations.

Install plugins and use the backend dashboards of your site host to continually analyze your site traffic. This includes more than just how many visitors view a page. These tools will additionally outline where visitors came from, which link they used to get there, and what times and locations brought in the most traffic.

Another major “little thing” that your company can do to increase search engine rankings is to ensure website ADA compliance and mobile optimization to help all users view and access the site for what they need. 

These features will help not only a massive base of mobile users access the site, but additionally, those suffering from disabilities access your content as well.

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The rise of digital marketing has largely shaken up the traditional advertising landscape. When we consider the variety of ways potential customers can learn about companies, products, and services, it is not surprising that marketing funnels, social media, and SEO remain at the forefront of modern marketing initiatives.

Agility remains the name of the game in digital marketing for 2021. We can’t fully understand what the new year will hold. However, businesses must remain flexible and adaptable with the best chance of continued growth and success.

To learn more tips and tricks on how your company can succeed with digital marketing efforts in the new year, contact GOA-TECH today!

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