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Miami SEO Company – Website Designer Miami

GOA-TECH is a Miami SEO company that can achieve the results for your website which other SEO companies in Miami or other places in the US can only dream of. You’ll be amazed when you see your website moving up in the search engines rankings. As genuinely as it may sound, our superior search engine techniques are focused on taking your website to the top of the search engine rankings in the most legitimate manner with out getting you black listed.

Why GOA-TECH Miami SEO services?

  • Being a conversion-driven online marketing company, we specialize in all major Search Engine Optimization techniques
  • Link building is just a small part of SEO, we offer comprehensive solutions to your SEO needs
  • We have a proven track record
  • We offer service packages at a competitively priced

Our Miami SEO Company services include:

  • Keyword research –ONE-ON-ONE CONSULTATION to determine who your target market is, and find unique, specific keywords to reach the audience you would like to attain.
  • On-Page optimization –We make sure each page on your website is consistent and specific to your customer base.
  • Link Building Strategy– We WORK WITH YOU to determine the best strategy to approach your backlink building campaign.
  • Social Bookmarking– We LET THE WORLD KNOW about your website through the use of popular social bookmarking sites such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.
  • Forum Posting – We find forums relevant to your industry and directly bring in more CLIENTS to your site.
  • Sitemap Creation –We create a “map” to let Google know how to navigate your website.
  • Google Analytics – You can track every visitor who comes to your site, where your traffic is coming from, user demographics, and more!
  • Website Audit– We perform a website analysis to identify areas of your site that need improvement.
  • Ranking Reports – REGULAR UPDATES on a monthly basis,  allows you to know how your website is doing in the rankings.
  • Link Partner Search– We  assist in finding other sites that your links can be exchanged with.
  • Article Submission– Articles are both written and released on various resources to help you get MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!
  • Keyword Rich Articles – Our SKILLED team of creative writers keeps your site current with monthly articles to keep your content fresh and interesting.
  • Directory Submission– We submit your business to the top business directories worldwide to get you FOUND!
  • Classified Ad Creation– We bring in LOCAL TRAFFIC through custom tailored SEO depending on your industry and budget.
  • Blog Comments – We comment on popular, relevant blogs to bring readers to your site.