Landing Page Designer MiamiA landing page is a page that has one main purpose which is to convert visitors into sales. By using a search engine optimized search result, and even an advertisement will lead you to a landing page. This type of page is also called a “lead capture page” and also a “lander”. Landing pages are great for inbound advertising campaigns. Landing Page Designer Miami is a growing opportunity for you, this option is great for your preferred advertising campaign.

Landing pages are very important if your main goal is to achieve visitors to your website or page. Mainly, there are two types of landing pages. Landing pages have no navigation, a headline, usually will include social icons, screenshots, testimonials and a featured section. These pages focus on CTA (call to action). Landing pages are both short and simple. GOA-TECH,Landing Page Designer Miami is experienced in designing landing pages. Two types of landing pages are Transactional and in Reference landing pages.

  • A reference page will display information that is relevant to the visitor. These will usually display images, text or anything that is relevant to the searcher.
  • Transactional pages aim to get as much information possible from the visitor. They achieve this by having the visitor fill out a form. This information is used for marketing purposes and is put on a mailing list. These pages are aimed to get you on some sort of service or product.

Here at GOA-TECH, Landing Page Designer Miami, we’re more than qualified and experienced in designing landing pages. Having a great landing page designer is very important for your campaign. The design of your page must be able to capture your visitors’ attention. Whether its a reference or a transactional page, we’ll design your preferred landing page. We have years of experience in making web pages and great SEO rankings. Call us now and we’ll start making your website today!


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