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Media center setup: GOA-TECH can hook up your media center PC to your TV and home entertainment system.

Game center Setup: GOA-TECH will set up your console or PC for online gaming. We can also set up either wired or wireless network that is safe and secure for your children to play online games.

Web TV setup: GOA-TECH can set up your WebTV hardware and service and configure your existing ISP setting to WEBTV

Digital camera Setup and Training: GOA-TECH can help you set up and install your digital camera software to your existing computer. We will cover all the basic functions you will need to know to effectively use your new camera. Training will cover: transferring your photos from your camera to your PC, basic photo editing, making a photo slide show, and sharing photos with family and friends.

MP3 Setup and Training: GOA-TECH will help you with quick and easy training on how to operate your new MP3 player.

Universal Remote Setup: GOA-TECH will setup and demonstrate how to use your new universal remote.

Video to DVD Transfer: GOA-TECH can transfer up to 2 hours of your personal home videos to DVD format.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) Telephone Setup: GOA-TECH can install and configure your VOIP router, optional connection to existing phone network and disconnection from telephone NID.


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